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Meet the Messenger

 Messenger Annette Carswell, often affectionately known as "MAC," is a woman of God who is focused and assured of her end-time purpose! This Prophet is quickly becoming the nationís most prolific speaker on eschatology as it relates to the Body of Christís posture as we prepare for the second coming of our King!

Born to a family of five girls and one boy; as a twin, Messenger from an early age developed gifts and talents that encouraged people to listen to her message! Since accepting Christ in 1983, her message now inspires persons to be effective Kingdom Christians as they become aware of their God-ordained purpose and destiny.

Messenger Carswell is no stranger to excellence and hard work. After thirteen (13) years of service with Western Pennsylvaniaís Blue Cross and Blue Shield, she began fulltime ministry with her husband, Bishop Otis L. Carswell and co-founded Potterís House Ministries, Inc., in January of 1993. As an avid student, in 1995 she completed the three year School of Ministry program hosted by her church home, along with several other Bible courses and studies.

Since that time, Messengerís diligent work ethic has launched her into several ministry opportunities; assisting her to develop all of the major training manuals currently used in her local church and personal ministry.

She is serious about serving God through her husbandís mantel. Messenger Carswell holds the office of First Assistant and serves with her husband in their International ministry; Potterís House Fellowship Alliance. This dynamic, cutting edge, kingdom mentoring and spiritual advisory ministry oversees men and women of God in the United Stated and abroad. In June 2004, Messenger was consecrated and appointed to the position of Second in Command to the office of the Bishop. This honored position, not often awarded to spouses, was a tremendous reward of her steadfast commitment to Godís Kingdom.

MAC Ministries; her personal apostolic & prophetic ministry. Formed in 1998 after a God inspired word where she received her prophetic title "Messenger." This end time ministry equips those in pursuit of their God ordained purpose.

Other ministries of Messengerís includes: Habakkuk Ministries; a vision implementation ministry which assists visionaries with developing their ministryís vision and structure. The Cup of Elijah Prophetic Ministry, a ministry devoted to the training and fellowship of Kingdom prophets and prophetic ministers. In addition, she also oversees the, "Rehoboth Womenís Movement," a ministry which provides spiritual oversight to other Kingdom women, and womenís ministries and businesses. This particular womenís ministry dramatically impacted her Biblical revelation of Godís plan for His Servant Daughters for the 21st Century! Rehoboth Ministries allows Messenger the opportunity to serve on many advisory boards across the Nation.

The Five Fold Training & Development Ministry trains Kingdom ministers in the ministry gifts described in Ephesians 4:11-12.

As the wife of a Bishop, Messenger Carswell also enjoys ministering to wives of Bishops, Pastors, and Ministry Leaders. Her passion is to see these great Kingdom women whole; radiating the glory of their husband! Messengerís extended ministry to ministry wives is her excellent hospitality training entitled, "Kingdom Serving: Going Beyond Southern Hospitality!" This course is also great for all hospitality persons, those who facilitate conferences and ministries who wish to properly entreat high profile men and women of God, and dignitaries.

Messenger Annette Carswell - She is a wife, a Kingdom mother, and woman of God who is called to incite Godís people to fulfill their purpose! We have no doubt that this Vessel will manifest both apostolic and prophetic authority with demonstration of power through the Holy Ghost. You wonít be disappointed with this Kingdom leader. Remember...There IS a Word From The Lord!



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